Aerial Advertising in Saginaw & Midland

Are you looking for an interesting and unique way to advertise your business in the Saginaw & Midland areas of Michigan? Saginaw & Midland is home to several great outdoor locations and events that make it a great choice for aerial billboard advertising. How does aerial billboard advertising work? Air America works with you to create a custom billboard using your business's artwork and logo. We then work together to find a place in the Saginaw & Midland areas to tow your aerial billboard or letter banner.

A few of the places in the Saginaw & Midland area that are great for aerial billboards include the First Merit Event Park, the Saginaw Zoo and the Downtown Bay Farmer's Market. Aerial advertising is a cost effective solution for businesses large and small since the aerial billboard or letter banner is reaching so many people at the exact same time. Another great feature of aerial billboard advertising is that you can choose where to have it flown over, which results in being able to reach your business's targeted audience.