Nascar Aerial Advertising

Air America Aerial Ads has been flying letter banners and aerial billboard banners at Nascar Events since 1983! Back then, it was the "Winston Cup" and some of the tracks that the cars speed around aren't too well known today. But what is known is that America still loves their Nascar Races! Every weekend during the race season, thousands of dedicated fans pack into parking lots and other event areas at the track to prepare to watch their favorite drivers go for the win. It's no secret how many people attend Nascar events all across the country so it only makes sense that it's a perfect venue to advertise at.

Why is a Nascar event the perfect venue for an aerial billboard?

• It's estimated that there are 75 million Nascar fans
• The average attendance for Sprint Cup is nearly 100,000
• Over 3.5 million people attend Nascar races each year
• Nascar fans have shown that they are willing to pay for car sponsor products

Imagine your business's aerial billboard flying over a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people on a beautiful summer day. Not only are you reaching a large group of people at once, but the cost per impression is significantly lower than other means of advertising. Aerial billboards are an engaging and fun way to reach your business's target audience. Contact Air America for all of your aerial billboard advertising needs at Nascar events or any other outdoor event across the nation.