Aerial Advertising in Louisville

Louisville, Kentucky is the most populous city in the state, which results in multiple marketing channels for local businesses to explore. For example, Louisville is home to the Kentucky Derby, the Beatles Festival, Forecastle Festival, the Kentucky State Fair and Nascar events at the Kentucky Speedway. With so many great festivals, events, races and other outdoor locations, Louisville is the perfect city for aerial billboards and banners.

Air America provides aerial billboards and letter banners to the Louisville Kentucky area. Why aerial advertising? One of the most challenging aspects of marketing a business, a product or a service is being able to reach many people at the same time. With aerial advertising, tens of thousands of people are at the same place at the same time, which creates a wonderful advertising opportunity. The cost per impression is minimal compared to other advertising methods. Aerial billboards and banners are a unique and fun way to advertise your business around Louisville, Kentucky.