Aerial Advertising in Cleveland

Cleveland, Ohio is a great metropolitan area to showcase your business high in the sky with an aerial advertising banner. Air America tows aerial advertising banners above an outdoor location of your choosing in Cleveland. Need a little inspiration for a perfect place?

The Cleveland Browns NFL football team plays their home games in Cleveland. Before each game, tens of thousands of excited fans pack the parking lots and surrounding areas outside of First Energy Stadium. Imagine marketing your local business to all of these fans through an aerial advertising banner or letter banner. In addition to the Browns, the Cleveland Indians play their home games at Progressive Field. Where there's a sporting event, there's certain to be tens of thousands of fans who will be able to see your aerial ad in the sky.

Sporting events aren't the only time you can think about aerial advertising however. Cleveland is home to several outdoor festivals each and every year. Also, don't forget about advertising your business during rush hour traffic! When the roads get congested, make sure that your business gets seen with an aerial advertising banner.