Aerial Advertising in Buffalo

Buffalo, New York, is home to the Buffalo Bills football team, the Buffalo Bisons baseball team, plus several outdoor event and music locations such as LaSalle Park. LaSalle Park has hosted some of the biggest music festivals and performers over the years. Situated on Lake Ontario, Buffalo thrives with outdoor events and sporting activities. If you're a business who's looking for a unique way to advertise, Buffalo gives you the perfect space to do just that - in the sky! Air America can build up and tow an aerial billboard advertisement over any outdoor space, sporting event or other location for you in Buffalo, New York.

Aerial billboards are a great way for businesses to advertise, especially when there are sporting events and musical festivals happening below, which often attract tens of thousands of people. That's right, tens of thousands of people in Buffalo can be seeing your business's aerial billboard at the same time. Aerial ads are engaging, unique and cost effective.