Banner Production

Each aerial advertising sign we create is crafted with care and the customer's precise specifications. Air America can create a custom aerial billboard or letter banner.

Letter banners are assembled using up to approximately 40 black or red letters and punctuation. Each letter can either be 5 foot high or 7 foot high. Letter banners are made of rip stop nylon, which is comparable to parachute material, ensuring durability while flying. Letter banners are the perfect choice for marriage proposals, birthday wishes or any other special messages that you may have for friends or family. Letter banners are also a good way to advertise simple and straightforward business messages, such as encouraging those sitting in rush hour traffic in major metropolitan areas to tune into your radio station. Other ideas for letter banners include:

• Website advertising
• Political messages
• Phone number messages and ads
• Restaurant happy hours and your business's special events

Aerial advertising billboards are custom created artwork with your company logo, which is then printed on a fabric surface. The size of the fabric can range from 15 by 40 feet all the way up to 40 by 125 feet. Depending on the advertising billboard being used, there may also be the ability to tow a short letter banner behind the main billboard, which can include a further message or instruction.

It can't be easier than Air America! We build up your aerial billboards or letter banners and also customize towing time so that you don't have to go anywhere else for your aerial advertising needs. In a hurry? Air America can complete letter banners in just a few hours and for custom artwork, the turn around time averages one week.

Remember, Air America can fly your custom aerial billboard advertisement or share your special message on a letter banner anywhere in the nation! Contact us today for a custom quote.