Aerial Advertising in Ann Arbor

Aerial advertising at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, MIWith Ann Arbor, Michigan being home to the University of Michigan, college sports fan come out in the masses to support their local teams. Michigan Stadium and Ray Fisher Stadium are just a couple of the sporting event locations in Ann Arbor where businesses can advertise to their targeted audience through aerial billboard ads. Imagine your restaurant's sign flying above a college sporting event to a bunch of hungry fans or seeing your business's logo and custom artwork above tens of thousands of people who see the engaging advertisement. The city is also home to the Ann Arbor Art Fair which draws in people from all across the nation.

Air America specializes in aerial billboards for businesses large and small in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In addition, we also specialize in letter banners which work great for website URLs, business phone numbers or to display a special message to a friend or family member. For all of your aerial advertising needs in Ann Arbor, Michigan, including rush hour traffic banners, contact Air America.